A firm commitment to deliver unwavering loyalty, discipline, and service to others. 


About Us:

Founded in 2019, Steadfast Watches strives to create both rugged and classic timepieces to fit the needs of people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Whether you are in the military, a first responder, a mechanic, an outdoorsman, or anything in between, we make watches for you. We strive to deliver you good looking products that can take a beating, while not costing you half a paycheck.

Customer service is of the upmost importance. If you have any questions about any of our products please email us or reach out on any of our social media pages. 


Pledge Pact: 

To honor and support those who have served and are currently serving was the driving force behind the creation of Steadfast Watches. 

In order to show our commitment, 10% of all sales will go towards care packages to troops stationed at home and abroad. 

Nominate a Troop or Soldier for a care package today!